Our Missionaries

Alan & Beverly Berry, St. Vincent

Sam & Maria Conover, Honduras

Jon & Liz Dillon, Church Planting, Arkansas

Shawn & Valerie Genung, Church Builders, USA

Brent & Karolyn Halstead, Kenya

Immanuel & Hannah Jebaraj, India

Bill & Terri Jenkin, CBM, President

Tim & PJ Kluver, Planting Churches, Port Angeles, WA

Tim & Beth Manes, Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN

Matt & Michelle Parrow, Southern Ireland

Dallas & Nancy Putnam,  CCM Director of Building Ministries, USA

Matt & Juanetta Schrepfer, Church Planting, Montana

Jim & Hope Smith, South Africa

Jim & Lori Spoto, Italy

Trish Strickland, Brazil

Wayne & Helen Squires, Church Planting-retired




              Tim, Beth, Kathryn & Evan Manes

              CBM - Minneapolish/St. Paul, MN



 After the war in Southeast Asia in 1975, the Hmong people of Southeast Asia fled for their lives from the Laos people and went to several different countries.  Ninety thousand of them settled in Minneapolis, MN and only 12% of them are Christians.  Many believe in reincarnation and that everyone and everything has a spirit.  After a successful ministry in Africa with Ugandan people, Tim and Beth Manes felt led of the Lord to minister to the Hmong people in Minneapolis.  They plan to move to there and live among the Hmong people to share the good news of the gospel with them.  Tim and Beth both have has ESL (English as a Second Language) training and they plan to use ESL as an inroad to reach many of these people for Christ.  Beth and her children, Kathryn and Evan, plan to have Bible Clubs for the Hmong children and Tim will be witnessing, preaching and discipling those who come to Christ in an effort to plant a church among the Hmong people someday.  Please join us this month in praying for the Manes family.