Our Missionaries

Alan & Beverly Berry, St. Vincent

Sam & Maria Conover, Honduras

Jon & Liz Dillon, Church Planting, Arkansas

Shawn & Valerie Genung, Church Builders, USA

Brent & Karolyn Halstead, Kenya

Immanuel & Hannah Jebaraj, India

Bill & Terri Jenkin, CBM, President

Tim & PJ Kluver, Planting Churches, Port Angeles, WA

Tim & Beth Manes, Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN

Matt & Michelle Parrow, Southern Ireland

Dallas & Nancy Putnam,  CCM Director of Building Ministries, USA

Matt & Juanetta Schrepfer, Church Planting, Montana

Jim & Hope Smith, South Africa

Jim & Lori Spoto, Italy

Trish Strickland, Brazil

Wayne & Helen Squires, Church Planting-retired




              Dallas & Nancy Putnam

              CBM - Church Building, USA

  putman 001




Dallas and Nancy are praising the Lord for a gift towards a much needed computer and also for a new supporting church. The Geneseo, NY project is well underway. They are grateful for volunteer groups and individuals that have been helping on this project. Pray for safety for both the builders and the volunteers. Pray also for opportunities for the builders to share the gospel with suppliers and contractors, etc. and pray for the completion of the paperwork and other things needed for the Cantonment, Fl project so they can have the building permit in hand in the near future.
Please pray also for someone willing to volunteer at the CBM office who would be able to assist with the building drawings.